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Business Advisor

Financial & Business Advisor Journal - Employment cases

Employer's guide to dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace

Selling a Business: understanding the warranties you give to the buyer

Charges over assets on the Personal Property Securities Register

Shareholder Agreements Vital for Smooth Business Operations

Apartment sellers have legal obligations (Business Advisor Nov-Dec 2015)

Health & Safety at Work Act (Business Advisor Sept-Oct 2015)

Buying or selling a property owned by a Family Trust (Business Advisor Sept-Oct 2015) 

6 Vital Things you must know about the Construction Contracts Act (Business Advisor May-June 2015)

5 Compliance tips for Businesses to avoid criminal liability for unsubstantiated representations

NZ Plumber

Good Discipline
August/September 2014

New Zealand Painter & Decorator


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February Edition 2018

The Wellingtonian

Challenging a will can be a tricky business

Entitlements for employees

Get new home papers correct

Include online accounts in Will

Options for governance entities

Estate planning tips for blended families

Formal agreements vital in separation

Ways to resolve a commercial dispute

What are a casual employee's rights

Shared care - how it affects your children

Financial support after a separation

What to watch for when buying a house

Important employment law changes

Good governance saves problems later

More emphasis on Health & Safety

Why it's important to keep records

Separation and property division

The ins and outs of disaster insurance

Pay equity comes under the microscope

Societies Act about to get an overhaul

How to recover undisputed debts

Enforcing court orders for payment

Why a good contract is so important

Choosing - a conveyancer or a lawyer?

Focus on workplace health and safety

Vital to read the insurance fine print

Protecting your business identity

Making sure your affairs are in order

Watch out for staff Christmas parties

Health & safety in the workplace

Vital steps when buying apartments

Focus on health and safety at work 

How to raise a personal grievance

Dealing with suspected fraud at work

Preventing fraud in the workplace

Why Shareholder Agreements are vital

Requesting information from a school

Don't ignore workplace bullying

Less pain Debt collecting made easier

Mistakes make it harder to collect debts

Court challenges to wills more common

Other Publications


HCSL - Avoiding Personal Grievance Claims

The Trusts Act 2019: Charitable Trusts (Lion Magazine - Autumn 2021)

Fines for misleading product claims (Hutt News - 16 April 2019)

Protect your brand and your wallet (Upper Hutt Leader - 3 April 2019)

Protect your brand and your wallet (Hutt News - 2 April 2019)

Selling property to overseas buys (Upper Hutt Leader - 27 March 2019)

Selling property to overseas buyers (Hutt News - 26 March 2019)

Advertising traps for businesses on social media (Hutt News - 13 March 2019)

Social media traps for business (The Hutt News - 12 March 2019)

Compensation suggested for Ministry of Transport fraud whistleblowers (Stuff - 20 July 2017)

Lessons from the Warin case: Avoiding the 'bank of mum and dad' turning into a property gifthorse (Stuff - 05 May 2017)

Limited Partnerships are an option for running joint business ventures (The Property Lawyer - Nov 2016 - Volume 17 Issue 2)

Resolving Nazi-era looted art disputes by ADR processes (Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Bulletin 2016 Vol 3 No4)

Mistaken authentication of a forgery (Lawtalk 886 April 2016)

Art and about: recent happenings (Lawtalk 873 September 2015)

Provenance makes perfect (Lawtalk 866 June 2015)

Artist resale royalties: the debate resumes (Lawtalk 863 April 2015)

New Law - Do not make an exhibition of yourself

Supreme Court considers place of tikanga in recent seabed mining case

Kapi-Mana News


Fines for misleading produce claims
16 April 2019

Social media advertising - traps for businesses
12 March 2019

Mirror Wills or mutual Wills
13 February 2018

Settling a row out of court
30 January 2018

Family fights being left out of a Will
12 December 2017

Tough line on safety at work
5 December 2017

Who occupies the home after separation
28 November 2017

Good reasons to have a Will
14 November 2017

Breaches of a parenting order
31 October 2017

Safety orders can protect from violence
17 October 2017

Common problems with house sales
10 October 2017

Parenting after a separation
26 September 2017

Tips for pre settlement inspections
29 August 2017

Punishing a business whistleblower
25 July 2017

Keep trade secrets hush-hush
30 May 2017

Steps to stop harassment
25 April 2017

Problems with Wills and estates
18 April 2017

Purchasing a business
28 March 2017

Occupation of the family home
21 March 2017
 Probation and casual workers
14 March 2017

Employment performance
28 February 2017

Payments for construction
14 February 2017 

Negotiating to settle disputes
7 February 2017

Court is often the last resort
31 January 2017

Compensation from tenants
24 January 2017

What makes a not-for-profit
20 December 2016 

Building report and LIM vital
13 December 2016

Earthquakes - pay & tenants
6 December 2016

Types of enduring power of attorney
29 November 2016

The value of an up-to-date Will
15 November 2016

Setting up a charitable trust
8 November 2016

Challenging a Will can be a tricky business
1 November 2016

Terms of trade - train staff to get it right the first time
18 October 2016

Understand what you're signing
11 October 2016

Update your Will after separating
4 October 2016

Protecting your business
27 September 2016

Health and Safety for landlords
13 September 2016

Making changes to your Will
6 September 2016

Entitlements for employees
30 August 2016

International students' code
23 August 2016

Insurance not so straightforward
16 August 2016

Health and Safety and home accidents
9 August 2016

Tips for buying a business
2 August 2016

Buying a car - know your rights
21 July 2015

The questions that are off limits during a job interview
14 July 2015

Preparation vital when dealing with your lawyer
30 June 2015

How to deal with bullying in schools
23 June 2015

Is your police history private?
16 June 2015

Tips for buying a business
9 June 2015

Clear commercial language
2 June 2015

Understanding commercial lease jargon
26 May 2015

Holiday pay sick leave and safety
19 May 2015

Workers basic rights
12 May 2015

Maintaining smooth building procedures
5 May 2015

Apartment sellers have legal obligation
28 April 2015

Bad workplace behaviour
21 April 2015

The case of the schoolboy rowers
7 April 2015

Your holiday pay entitlements
31 March 2015

The reverse mortgage problem
24 March 2015

Workplace protocols redefined
17 March 2015

The rights and wrongs of trespass
10 March 2015

What happens to debt when you separate
3 March 2015

Know the obligations when making a Will
24 February 2015

Terms of trade vital but make them fair
17 February 2015

Mixing charity and politics
10 February 2015

Contracting Out Agreements – an option to protect your assets
3 February 2015

The importance of an up-to-date Will
27 January 2015

When to use Ombudsman service
20 January 2015

Marriage can make Wills invalid
13 January 2015

Splitting relationship property
16 December 2014

Proper trust arrangements vital
9 December 2014

Proper trust arrangements vital
2 December 2014

Role of the insurance ombudsman
25 November 2014

Keeping up with employment laws
18 November 2014

Adoption – the legal framework
11 November 2014

A landlords rights and responsibilities
4 November 2014

Banking disputes help on offer
28 October 2014

Tenants rights and obligations
21 October 2014

The Privacy Commissioner – what you need to know
14 October 2014

Solving those employment blues
30 September 2014

Resolving issues through the Tenancy Tribunal
23 September 2014

Dying has an effect on social media too
16 September 2014

Health & Disability Commission
10 September 2014

Liquor laws catch community events
29 August 2014

Illegal downloading can be costly
12 August 2014

Clarity correctness required
5 August 2014

Extended warranties rules offer more rights
29 July 2014

When the marriage comes to an end
21 July 2014

Importance of Enduring Power of Attorney
15 June 2014

Starting up a company
8 July 2014

How to avoid bad debtors
17 June 2014

Buy a home not a headache
10 June 2014

Employees who lie on their CVs
3 June 2014

Consumer laws get a big boost – fines go up
27 May 2014

Parents can help but need to be careful
20 May 2014

The best ways to resolve a dispute
13 May 2014

Parental leave – know your rights
29 April 2014

Protection of trees – what can you cut
15 April 2014

What to know when preparing your Will
8 April 2014

Returning goods – knowing your rights
1 April 2014

Key information on Holidays Act
25 March 2014

Whys and wherefores of KiwiSaver scheme
18 March 2014

Social networking traps to avoid in the workplace
11 March 2014

The breakup basics
4 March 2014

The whys and wherefores of property agreements
25 February 2014

How to sort out trade agreements
18 February 2014

Bringing a claim to a court or tribunal
11 February 2014

Shareholder contracts
4 February 2014

Your rights over sick leave
28 January 2014

Building covenants – what to be aware of
14 January 2014

Flexi-time – the pros and cons
10 December 2013

Fences and trees – more queries
26 November 2013

What family trusts do
19 November 2013

When to get a Will and why
12 November 2013

Neighbours at war on paying for fence
5 November 2013

When work restructures
22 October 2013

House insurance changes
15 October 2013

Neighbours at war
1 October 2013

Gender Equality
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