Privacy breaches are a serious issue for both the individual concerned and the organisation responsible for the privacy breach. The collection, retention, use and disclosure of personal information are all important steps to get right if you want to avoid privacy breaches, breaches of the Privacy Act 2020, fines and reputational damage that results from breaches and publicity.

You can only collect information for a lawful purpose connected with your business or organisation.

Information should be collected direct from the individual concerned, if possible, and they must be made aware of the collection, the purpose of it, who will receive and hold the information, the consequences of not providing the information and the right to access and seek correction of the information.

Information needs to be stored securely against misuse both from within and outside the organisation.

Privacy breach issues are becoming more and more important in the world of social media, but also in relation to day to day business. Breaches of privacy can cause serious damage to individuals and to organisations.

How to protect that privacy and how to go about repairing the damage done can be enhanced by engaging a professional experienced in this area, especially putting in place privacy breach guidelines, raising privacy breaches, dealing with the Privacy Commissioner’s office and lodging and taking claims to the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

There are many more important privacy requirements. You can see all of our information here: Privacy and Data Protection

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