A group of individuals were running a programme in schools providing free healthy breakfasts.  They had no formal documentation in place and had been each individually finding sponsors to fund and provide food for the programme. 

They were told by potential sponsors and suppliers that they needed to be registered as a charity in order to obtain future funding and supplies. They took legal advice and discovered that setting up as a charity also provided tax benefits for themselves and their sponsors.

The firm acts for a number of charitable organisations, advising on charitable status, structures, trading activities, employment, leases, and civil actions.

We also regularly assist clients with setting up and registering charities, including providing advice about which type of entity is right for you.   We are experts in setting up Charitable Trusts, Incorporated Societies, and Charitable Companies, including drafting Charitable Trust Deeds, Rules, and Constitutions, to ensure they meet the legal requirements to be a charity.

We can assist with disputes between members, officers, or trustees of charitable organisations, to help reach a resolution.

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