Presenter was excellent: clear, topical & structured well



Thank you. I got a lot out of it. Look forward to other webinars and increasing my knowledge.



Rainey Collins Webinars and Newsletters provide excellent insights. 


Claire is super on to it and very knowledgeable. Great comms and always has several options and keeps us updated with our legal stuff! Highly recommend. 


Excellent communication. Senior partner replying to my query in a timely way and very helpful advice. How cool is that!


Alan from Rainey Collins agreed to help me in the middle of a very difficult process and from the moment I made contact was incredibly responsive,  thoughtful, legally astute as well as practically minded. Alan would either respond virtually straight away, or let me know when he could respond - I don't think you can get any better than that. In the most part, with correspondence, I drafted and Alan reviewed, which worked really well for me and was very gracious of Alan. When Alan drafted, the work was of the highest quality. We have decided to put all our affairs with Rainey Collins and feel very confident we are in good hands. Thanks Alan and the team.


Went to see Alan in 2019 with a tricky situation at work. His advice was reassuring, practical and pragmatic. He didn’t beat his chest like some lawyers and shout ‘they can’t do this’, or ‘we will sort this out’, he very calmly asked what I wanted, and then gave me some simple options. When it started to get difficult with work, as we expected it would, Alan was always there, offering sage advice, and being a rock in what would otherwise have been super stressful. Like all experts he doesn’t shout about it and his advice seems to come from a position of strength from very in-depth knowledge.

While I knew what the fees were (as you agree these in advance) I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the process to find out I had not to be bankrupted: he seems to charge for the work he does, as opposed to charging for a new Mercedes he’d like to have for Christmas (like some firms).

Overall, if you have an issue at work, and want some practical help that won’t break the bank, but will reduce your blood pressure, then I wouldn’t hesitate to use Alan. 


I have been using Rainey Collins lawyers for the last 10 years. They are my "go to" for any legal advice. I highly recommend them. They are professional and give informative advice.


We had an issue arise while in the States that could only be dealt with through a lawyer in New Zealand. Contrary to another review I just read and why I wanted to review Rainey Collins, they were the only lawyer who took the time to speak with us. Immediately our main contact (we are still in process so don't want to say whom as this is public) was empathetic, very sharp and eloquent. The party which had caused harmed banked on the fact that we wouldn't figure out what they had done because we were across the continent and that we wouldn't be able to get a lawyer, piece together the countless criminal acts, be able to legally reach or file a complaint against their lawyer or be able to fight this.

Even though we get emotional we DO appreciate how much Rainey Collins respects the court and the law as we like to work with people that have integrity and are thorough. They are a perfect balance as a law firm; fair, priced well but reasonable, communicative, allow us to feel and participate in our case and treats us kindly and with respect. I wish they were here in the States and could be my Business lawyers.

I have no doubt that however this turns out they were our best chance at righting great wrongs from all the way across the world ❤ We love our two lawyers and all the others lawyers there who have helped us thus far 🙏  


We have used Rainey Collins for 16 years and they have advised us on personal and commercial matters. They have a good depth of knowledge and their advice is always professional and accurate. Great to deal with personally and professionally.


Rainey Collins has provided employment advice for us for the past 8 years. At all times they have been extremely helpful, efficient and caring. I highly recommend their services. 


Very professional, quick and effective service. I sent a generic email on the Friday morning as I was having a dispute with a motor vehicle dealer, in the afternoon a partner replied and on Monday a letter was written. Two days later I had the outcome I was hoping for. 


Fantastic experience dealing with Alan at Rainey Collins... quick, to the point, hassle-free, and most of all... genuinely helpful. :)


Their helpful, friendly approach and solution focused capabilities have meant it is always a pleasure doing business with Alan and his team. Anybody looking  for legal advice around a property transaction would well advised to talk with Rainey Collins.


Hi Michelle,

Thanks so much for this information and for your assistance. I can't tell you what a difference it has made to my peace of mind!


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Super Gold Card 

If you are a New Zealand Super Gold Card Holder (Australian Senior Cards do not qualify) we will give you a 75% discount off the fee for one of our set fee 1 hour initial consultations. We will also give you a 17.5% discount off the first matter we handle for you and then 12.5% off any subsequent matters for you.  These discounts relate to your personal matters only (i.e. not business, trust or organisational matters or the sale and purchase of investment properties).

To receive the discount please let us know if you are a New Zealand Super Gold Card Holder.