Are you owed money?

Is getting paid on time an issue for you or your business?  Following up invoices and dealing with bad debts can take a lot of time and energy and create a large drain on your cashflow.  We can help you deal with late payers.

We run a highly efficient debt recovery service for many clients from major national organisations to small businesses and individuals.  If you need advice on how to make people pay what they owe you, advice on avoiding bad debts or terms of trade drafted, we can help you and get your money back into your bank account where it belongs.

As an example a client provided approximately $450,000 credit to a building company and became concerned when they heard through the grapevine that their customer’s company owed money to a number of other creditors.

The customer was behind with its monthly payments and our client sought advice from us how it should protect its position in relation to the substantial debt owing.

Our client had been given a personal guarantee by the company’s Directors, but on investigating the Directors’ assets we established that while one of the Directors did not own any property registered in his name, the other Director guarantor owned several rural properties which had a value of approximately $2M.

We recommended to our client that to protect its position we obtain security from the guarantor who owned the rural properties by way of a second mortgage, as our client was informed by the Directors that the properties were to be shortly listed for sale.

We arranged for the necessary security documents to be completed together with an irrevocable undertaking from the guarantors’ Solicitors undertaking to make payment of the surplus proceeds of approximately $370,000.00.  We also arranged for the guarantors to sign an acknowledgement for payment of the balance to our client.

Our client was thrilled when they received the sum of $370,000.00 which substantially reduced the customer’s indebtedness. 

If our client had not sought our advice when they did the properties would have been sold, and our client would not have received payment from the sale of those properties.  The debtor company owed a number of debts and it is unlikely that our client would have achieved a successful recovery of the amount owing if security had not been obtained.

Acting early is critical in situations like this where the opportunity may be there to insist on security which can be lost through delay.

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