If you are looking for a construction or building disputes lawyer or need a lawyer experienced in handing complaints to the Licenced Building Practitioners Tribunal then look no further.

The team at Rainey Collins has proven experience in helping builders, developers, security holders, property owners and property companies with the preparation of contractual documentation under the Construction Contracts Act.  This includes the formation and supervision of building contracts NZ wide as well as project management contracts covering the whole development phase from initial planning through to project completion.  We offer experience in negotiating resolutions of building disputes together with involvement in building dispute mediations, arbitrations and litigation.

We are also expert health and safety lawyers and can assist you and your organisation with practical advice along with processes and policy documents to enable compliance and risk mitigation. When it comes to building lawyers, we are the experts.

Rainey Collins is pleased to partner with the BUILDING HUB. The Building Hub is a central place for building practitioners to meet, learn and connect. It is a New Zealand business dedicated to inspiring and supporting New Zealand building practitioners for a better building industry. The Hub brings together the best, most relevant and most up-to-date information to help the building industry grow and succeed.

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