Our expertise is in all areas of dispute resolution and litigation.  We act for many individuals and organisations particularly in the Debt Collection, Medical, Education, Maori, Employment, Insurance and Charity fields.  We have been involved as counsel in many high profile cases in the Courts and Tribunals, as well as many successful mediations and settlement negotiations.  Our vast experience of the pitfalls of dispute resolution and litigations enables us to advise clients on how to avoid the potholes and keep their careers and businesses on track.

If you are a New Zealand Super Gold Card Holder (Australian Senior Cards do not qualify) we will give you a 75% discount off our initial 1 hour consultation fee. We will also give you a 17.5% discount off the first matter we handle for you and then 12.5 % off any subsequent matters for you.  These discounts relate to your personal matters only (i.e. not business or organisational matters).