We are proud to announce that we are sponsors and supporters of the following organisations:

Camp Quality New Zealand

Camp Quality

This charitable trust looks after children aged 5-15 living with cancer.  Five camps are held annually throughout New Zealand and are staffed by volunteers.  The aim is to bring as much fun into the children’s lives as possible during the week-long camps.  Each child is supported by a companion (aged 18 or over) who looks after them on camp.  New companions and supporters are welcome.  Rainey Collins Partner Alan Knowsley has also been appointed as the Chair of Camp Quality New Zealand. 

Ngati Porou New Zealand

Ngati Porou Inter Marae Sports Festival ”Pa Wars”

Ngati Porou Inter Marae Sports Festival “Pa Wars” is an annual event held on the East Coast of the North Island.  Pa Wars provides a fun, relaxed, positive and novel opportunity for Ngati Porou Marae to interact with each other, promote healthy life style practices and to increase Ngati Porou whanau and hapu participation in sports and recreational activities. 

Lions Club New Zealand

Lions Clubs

Lions operate clubs throughout the country, supporting local communities as well as national and international humanitarian programmes.  Rainey Collins has for many years supported these Lions activities both around Wellington and New Zealand.  Partner, Alan Knowsley has been honourary legal counsel for the New Zealand Council since 1999 and was previously Wellington Area honourary legal counsel for 14 years. 

New Zealand Riding for the Disabled (“NZRDA”)

NZRDA is responsible for leading the Riding for the Disabled (“RDA”) movement in New Zealand. Fifty-two affiliated member groups are responsible for providing RDA in their local communities through interaction with horses to improve health and wellbeing outcomes.  In 2022 NZRDA celebrated 60 years of providing RDA in New Zealand.  Rainey Collins partner Peter Johnston is the immediate past current Chair of NZRDA. 


Ngati Porou East Coast Heartland and Wahine teams

Rainey Collins is delighted to be a jersey sponsor for both the Ngati Porou East Coast Heartland and Wahine teams.  We are looking forward to another great season and wish the CE Leroy Kururangi and the teams all the best!

New Zealand Institute of Fine Arts

Rainey Collins is proud to have become a sponsor of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.  The Academy is an Incorporated Society aiming to benefit the community of New Zealand through the promotion, creation, understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts.  We look forward to providing helpful legal information to the Academy members, and attending some of the many interesting exhibitions that are offered by the Academy.


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