Dealing with Health and Safety issues can be stressful and confusing. Getting it wrong can lead to a prosecution resulting in penalties and compensation orders. Recent Court decisions have seen many fines (which cannot be insured against) of hundreds of thousands of dollars being imposed as well as reparation orders.

A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), whether for profit or not, has a duty to identify and then eliminate or minimise risks to ensure a safe workplace for all.

Officers of a PCBU (Directors, Trustees and Senior Management) must ensure a PCBU complies with its duties. They must understand the nature of the operations and hazards.

They must provide resources to identify, eliminate and minimise risks and receive and consider information to verify the provision and use of those resources.

There are obligations to consult with workers and engage them in the process to identify and resolver issues with hazards. Also some PCBUs have to have H&S reps and committees.

Partner Alan Knowsley has many years’ experience advising clients and providing training to officers and staff so you know what your obligations are and can ensure your PCBU complies with its obligations to keep everyone safe and you get the benefit of that experience and his very approachable manner…

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