Nau te raurau           (With your basket)

Naku te raurau         (And my basket)

Ka ki te kete             (The kete will be full)

Waitangi Tribunal Claims

Kia ora koutou, Nau mai, Haere Mai

We are leaders in this area, drawing upon decades of experience in representing Maori to work through complex legal issues. We can provide you with clear, practical, and cost effective advice to sensibly deal with all your Maori legal matters.

Looking for a lawyer to assist you with a Waitangi Tribunal claim

We have substantial experience in providing advice and representation to claimants with Waitangi Tribunal claims on a wide range of different issues, whether historical, contemporary or kaupapa.

We can assist you with all aspects of seeing a claim through the Waitangi Tribunal process, and take pride in the high quality and comprehensive service we provide to our clients in this space.

Need help with your Treaty of Waitangi negotiations Strategy?

We can help you to deal with all aspects of your Treaty of Waitangi negotiations with the Crown.

We know what we are doing in this complicated area and have extensive experience in achieving successful outcomes for:

  • Mandate
  • Terms of Negotiation
  • Agreements in Principle
  • Post-Settlement Governance Entities
  • Deeds of Settlement
  • Settlement Legislation

We can take care of all legal aspects, or key parts, for you and your negotiators.

We have extensive experience in dealing with Treaty Settlements and Government Agencies.

Rainey Collins Lawyer Peter Johnston
Peter Johnston
Alka Ahirao
Devon Tesoriero
Danyon Chong


Maori Legal Issues

Kia ora koutou, Nau mai, Haere Mai

Maori Engagement

We provide expert legal and strategic advice for those wishing to engage with Maori and the growing Maori economy.  This includes providing advice to the financial sector, insurance, energy groups, Not for Profits, national service organisations, and overseas companies, wishing to engage with Maori and Maori business.

We can assist you with all legal aspects of your due diligence and Maori engagement strategy.

Maori Business

We are proud to have been trusted legal advisers to a large number of successful Maori-owned and operated businesses.  We have extensive networks within the Maori business and primary sectors.

Maori Organisations & Governance

We are delighted to represent a broad cross-section of Maori organisations including national organisations, tribal organisations, hapu and whanau, Maori incorporations, not for profits and commercial operations.  Our expertise is sought to provide advice throughout the country regarding all legal aspects of governance and operational matters.

Maori Land Court Work

We provide advice on difficult Maori land matters and litigation including in relation to alienation of Maori land interests, tikanga, partitioning of land, easements and review of trusts. 


Rainey Collins Lawyer Peter Johnston
Peter Johnston
Rainey Collins Lawyer Claire Tyler
Claire Tyler (nee Coe)
Rainey Collins Lawyer Alan Knowsley
Alan Knowsley
Rachel Collins
Alka Ahirao
Devon Tesoriero
Danyon Chong
Alex McCracken
Guy Goodwin


Family Court and estate matters

We provide advice to whanau on Family Court and estate matters, including in relation to division of relationship property and valuable taonga as well as complicated whanau custody legal matters and issues arising from tikanga.

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