For the experts in asset protection NZ wide, look no further than Rainey Collins. We have a team of experienced asset protection lawyers dedicated to protecting your assets and ensuring you and your family's financial security long into the future. For more information and the appropriate contact person for various types of asset protection, continue reading below.


We undertake the administration of deceased estates, endeavoring always to ensure that the process is carried out efficiently with an emphasis on ensuring that delays with distribution do not occur, and that winding up is completed as quickly as possible.


The use of family trusts, as a means of asset protection should be seriously considered. We are able to advise on whether or not a trust is necessary and if so on establishing family, trading and charitable trusts. We can also advise all the necessary procedures including the transfer of assets to a trust and advice about gift duty and setting up gifting requirements.

We also assist with the ongoing maintenance of trusts and provide useful information on a regular basis to our clients.


We believe that it is most important for everyone to have a Will.

Many people make Wills, usually around the time that they purchase property or travel overseas. In many cases, however, circumstances can change and it is necessary to update your Will.

At Rainey Collins we can assist you to ensure that your Will is up to date, takes into account any relevant and recent law changes and ensures that proper arrangements are in place to protect your family for the future.

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