Rainey Collins Partner Alan Knowsley has been appointed Chair of the Board of Camp Quality New Zealand. Alan has been a volunteer on the annual camps for kids living with cancer for 19 years and has been on the Board for the last 5 years.

Camp Quality provides 5 summer camps around New Zealand each year, plus winter camps in some regions for hundreds of kids from age 5 to 16 years. All helpers on camp are volunteers, who give up their time to ensure the kids have a wonderful fun experience. This also includes many nurses who volunteer on the camps to keep a watchful eye on the kids medical welfare.

Rainey Collins has been supporting Camp Quality for many years and are proud to continue that support of the kids and volunteers as well as with Alan in the role of Chair of the Board. If you would like to assist the kids of Camp Quality then please email Alan on aknowsley@raineycoillins.co.nz to discuss things further.