Rainey Collins is supporting this fundraising event, so if you see people around the office in odd shoes on Friday 14 September don’t be alarmed.

The aim of Odd Shoe day is to raise awareness of Camp Quality, raise funds to help keep the camps going and encourage people who are interested to volunteer to help.

Camp Quality is a charity that looks after children living with cancer.  They try to improve the children’s quality of life by organising fun camps for them around the country.  Camp Quality takes children (who range from 5 to 14 years old) on a week long summer camp and some of the older ones on a 3 day winter ski trip.

All but one (part time admin person) of the Camp Quality staff are volunteers who rely on donations to keep the camps running and provide fun activities for the children.

While attending these camps the children have a one-on-one companion (a young adult 18 years or over) who looks after them.  In the Wellington/Central Districts they can cater for around 65 children and their companions.  Each camp has around 20 volunteer staff along with nurses and bus drivers.

Further information on Camp Quality is available at www.campquality.org.nz