The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has found a Principal guilty of serious misconduct following comments made by the Principal at a governance hui with other Principals and representatives of the Ministry of Education. 

The statements made included sexist remarks about women and vulgar language about a parent of a student, as well as sexist language about a former Minister of Education and inappropriate comments about a Ministry of Education strategy.

The Disciplinary Tribunal found that the comments made by the Principal brought the profession into disrepute and amounted to serious misconduct.  The Tribunal said it was “disgusted with what we heard, and we had concerns that someone with this type of presentation holds such influential positions”.  The Tribunal said that if the Principal was not due to retire it would have imposed conditions restricting his ability to hold leadership roles.

The teacher was censured and had his record annotated for two years and was ordered to pay 40% of the costs of the investigation.

Alan Knowsley
Education Lawyer