Partner Shaun Cousins hosts 'The Helpful Lawyer' with Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM.

With new episodes every 4 weeks, Shaun will be tackling a range of legal topics and answering any questions you may have.

To send in your questions, ring the show on 04 385 8783 or send an email through to with 'Question for The Helpful Lawyer' in the subject line.

Listen to Episodes

02/07/24 - Child Support

04/06/24 - Gifts or Loans

07/05/24 - Youth employment, ages of legality, succession and litigation guardians

13/03/24 - Debt Collection - hosted by Jon Beck

13/02/24 - Contracting Out Agreements and Relationship Property Agreements - hosted by Jon Beck

16/01/2024 - Dealing with major to minor child contact issues - hosted by Jon Beck

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19/12/2023 - Estate related matters - hosted by Shaun Cousins

21/11/2023 - Estate Claims and Challenges to a Will - hosted by Shaun Cousins

24/10/2023 - Family Violence - Hosted by Shaun Cousins

26/9/2023  Enduring Powers of Attorney - Hosted by Shaun Cousins

1/8/2023 Relationship Property Law- Hosted by Shaun Cousins

4/7/2023 The Care of Children Law- Hosted by Shaun Cousins

6/6/2023 The Construction Contracts Act- Construction Law

9/5/2023- Health & Safety at work act 

18/4/2023- Employment Law- Dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace 


20/12/2022-  Debt Recovery- avoiding and recovering bad debts 


22/11/2022- Debt Collection- Terms of trade


25/10/2022- Employment must- knows


27/9/2022- The Performance Improvement Process


30/8/2022- Employment Law: Disciplinary Process