Rainey Collins Chair of Partners Peter Johnston recently shared his perspective on the working of post settlement governance entities to the annual Māori Legal, Business and Governance Forum in Wellington. 

Peter spoke as part of an expert panel and focussed on how Iwi are addressing whānau expectations in a post settlement environment.

He spoke about the findings of recent reports that show that the Iwi asset base and Māori economy is continuing to grow at a time when many whānau are experiencing financial and socio-economic distress.  

Peter provided examples of how Iwi throughout Aotearoa are rising to the challenge to help ensure that whānau see the tangible fruits from the growth and success of the Māori economy and Iwi asset base.

Other presenters at the Legal Forum included Hon Kelvin Davis, Minister for Crown Māori Relations … Ivan Kwok, Principle Advisor, New Zealand Treasury and Nick Karu, Manager Iwi Partnerships, Wellington City Council. 

The theme for the two day event was the need for collaboration, communication and courage when navigating the modern Māori business environment.

The Legal Forum was well attended by representatives from Iwi, Central and Local Government and from various businesses and organisations.

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