When going to the Disputes Tribunal you need to ensure you prepare your case as well as possible to get the best result, as there are no practical appeals if you don’t.

In a recent case, even though lawyers are not permitted to represent people in the Disputes Tribunal, we assisted with preparation of the case and this enabled the best evidence to be put forward and holes in the debtor’s defence to be exposed. This resulted in Judgment against the debtor for the full debt and an order for payment within 10 days.

As part of the small business relief package, the Government has announced increasing the maximum level at which claims can be considered in the Disputes Tribunal.

With maximum claim levels a significant $15,000 or $2,000 with the consent of both parties, you may want to obtain professional advice. We often assist clients on how best to present their evidence, find witnesses and make submissions. We can also advise you on what questions to ask the other side to expose flaws in their claim or defence.

Disputes Tribunals decisions are very difficult to appeal. We can assist you to get the best possible results, so you can get your money into your bank account where it belongs and get on with running your business.