The deadline for filing historical Treaty of Waitangi claims has long since passed.  By 1 September 2008, two thousand new historical Treaty claims were filed.  If you were one of those new claimants, have you taken any steps to progress your claim?

Getting your claim registered

Claims filed before 1 September 2008 should have been registered and given a Wai number.  If you were not given a Wai number, you should have received a request from the Tribunal for further information. Your claim will only be registered and given a Wai number once you have supplied adequate information to meet the criteria which are set by law.

Getting your claim into an Inquiry District

The Tribunal seldom hears individual claims but groups them in geographical inquiry districts.  Some are active, some completed and some yet to be heard.  The Tribunal will assign your claim to the relevant district and provide relevant information, however the deadline for many districts has now passed.

What if I missed the deadline?

Only new contemporary claims can still be filed.  These are claims that relate to Crown acts or omissions occurring after 21 September 1992.  However, historical claims can still be amended or added to.

Is legal aid available?

Yes, legal aid is available for legal costs.  The Legal Services Agency (LSA) requires lawyers to be Approved Providers to practise in the Waitangi Tribunal field.  An application for legal aid funding can be made to LSA through your lawyer.  You will only be eligible for substantial funding if your claim falls within an active inquiry district.

Is funding available for claim administration?

Most funding is provided by the Crown Forestry Rental Trust (CFRT).  CFRT funding, however, is not always available.  For example, funding is not usually granted to individual claims; you must be actively engaged with the Tribunal or Crown and have a Crown licensed forest within your rohe.  More information about CFRT funding criteria can be found at, or you can ask your lawyer.