In the months leading up to 1 September 2008, over 2,000 new Treaty claims were lodged with the Waitangi Tribuanl.These are in addition to the 1,500 that had been lodged over the previous 33 years since the Tribunal was created in 1975.  Was yours one of the new ones?

What If I Missed The Deadline?

If it is a contemporary claim – relating to Crown acts or omissions after 21 September 1992 – there is no problem as the deadline did not apply.  For historical claims – relating to claims arising before 21 September 1992 – you may be able to join with an existing historical claim if they are prepared to amend their claim to include your issues.

What Happens To My Claim Now?

Claims that meet the basic criteria can be registered and given a Wai number.  Those that do not will be contacted by Tribunal staff for additional detail.  This sorting and registration of so many claims is likely to take months.  Once a claim is registered, the Tribunal will join it with the other claims in the relevant inquiry district and you will be provided with all relevant information for that district.

Is Legal Aid Available?

Yes, legal aid is available for your claim.  The legal aid process requires lawyers approved to practise in the Waitangi Tribunal field.  Rainey Collins have a number of lawyers who are highly experienced in this field.  An application for legal aid funding must then be made through your chosen lawyer to the Legal Services Agency (“LSA”).

Is Funding Available For Research And Claim Administration?

Most funding is provided by the Crown Forestry Rental Trust (“CFRT”).  However, CFRT assistance is only available in limited circumstances.  These include being actively engaged with the Tribunal or Crown, and having a Crown licensed forest within your rohe.  More information on the criteria for CFRT funding assistance can be fuond at