A few years ago Dale and a group of vintage car enthusiast friends decided that it would be worthwhile forming an incorporated society. Many people expressed an interest in their magnificent vehicles when they were out and about, and they thought forming a society would help preserve a love of classic cars in future generations.

The idea was a success and there was a great deal of interest in the new society, which they named “Vintage Allsorts”. Pretty soon, Dale and his friends, who all worked full time, found themselves getting snowed under with all the paperwork and trying to communicate with their members.   Suddenly, two years had flown by and the friends realised that they hadn’t filed their financial statements with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies. They were shocked to find, when they looked on the Incorporated Societies website, that their beloved society had been struck off the register.

Fortunately, all was not lost for Vintage Allsorts. After seeking advice, Dale and his friends discovered they could apply to restore the society to the register. However, there was a $204 fee for doing so, and the friends could have done without the extra hassle and paperwork.

Running an incorporated society can be time-consuming, and it is easy to lose track of administrative tasks. Dale’s situation could have been avoided with a bit of forward planning. At the start of each financial year, some things that the committee should be turning its mind to are:

  1. When it will hold its AGM, and when notice for this should be sent out;
  2. What will need to be decided at the AGM (such as membership subscriptions for the following year); and
  3. When the financial statements should be filed (and audited, if required).

Missing any of these important steps could result in your society being struck off the register.

If you are unsure about the requirements for your society, or are concerned that you might have missed a deadline, contact us on (04) 4736850