We have assisted several clients in claiming compensation for leaky homes and on the back of two recent decisions of the High Court we may be able to assist you in successfully claiming compensation directly from the developers involved in your case.

The High Court in Auckland has recently held developers personally financially responsible for the problems relating to leaky homes, despite building their projects through a limited liability company.

The developers were held to have a “non-delegable” duty to home owners and could not escape liability operating under a company.  They were held personally liable as a result of being closely associated to the construction project and being found to have “proximity and control” over the work carried out.

The court ordered the first developer to pay approximately $1.2 million for leaky homes in Auckland.  The second developer has a settlement hearing still pending for leaking homes, but a judgment of over $1 million is expected to be made against the developer in question.

It is one thing for the developers to be found liable but quite another to get the money out of them.  We can assist in the recovery of compensation and if need be proceed with bankruptcy proceeding against the developers involved.

An estimated 80,000 houses have been affected by the leaking homes disaster, if yours is one and you are not making sufficient progress or are not happy with how things are going then we can assist you in getting fair compensation.  Call us now on 0800 733 427 for a relaxed and confidential initial chat.