Be very careful with the ‘BLIND CC’ button

If you really want to keep some recipients secret then we recommend that you send separate emails rather than using the ‘blind CC’ button. Some computers can read who the receipts of ‘blind cc’ are despite you never knowing that this has happened.  It can be very embarrassing if you were trying to keep secret the fact that they had received a copy and even more disastrous if you have given away someone’s email address when it was supposed to be confidential!

Always check the whole email and annexures before sending

Other people may have received earlier emails and you may not want your reply to go to them.

Earlier emails may be further down the page and you may not want them sent on.  The topic may have changed completely from what originally was sent.

Attachments may contain material you do not want sent on.

Scroll down through the list of recipients

There may be more people’s addresses that have not appeared in the top line.  You cannot see these until you scroll down.  You may not want your reply to go to them all.