A young couple recently decided to put up a new kitset shed on their property.  Because of the layout of their land, they had no choice but to put it right up next to their boundary fence.

They were about to go ahead and build it when their neighbour mentioned that they might need consent for it.  They did some research and realised that because the shed was within its own height of the boundary, they needed a building consent before they could start building it.  Furthermore, they had to look into fire-rating it given it was within a metre of the boundary.  

If they didn't get a consent, there would be problems with their insurance and it was likely that the lack of consent would be raised as an issue when they came to sell the property, so they had to put a halt on their project and wait for Council to issue consent..

It pays to be mindful of Council's consent rules, as there are many thing which can require consent, including things like removing internal walls, moving plumbing, and building retaining walls and decks over a certain height.  If you are unsure, contact Council or your experienced property legal adviser.