A kaupapa (or generic) inquiry into education of Māori is in the pipeline to be heard by the Waitangi Tribunal.

The history of government involvement in education for Māori dates back to the 1800s, when missionary schools received funding for the education of Māori tamariki in English.

The provision of education has changed in many ways since this time, and today, multiple strategies, policies, and initiatives deal with education of Māori.

However, there is evidence that for an extended period of time the experience of the education system has not been a positive one for too many Māori.

The Education Kaupapa inquiry promises to be one of significance for Māori throughout Aotearoa, with key issues likely to include the Crown’s treatment of te reo Māori, educational achievement, and assimilation.

This inquiry will provide an important opportunity for claims raising nationally significant education claim issues (such as those by Māori education providers) to be heard.

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