The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal has censured a doctor and put in place conditions on his practice.  The doctor on several occasions had taken drugs from his hospital workplace for his personal use. 

The doctor had voluntarily ceased working and was undergoing rehabilitation treatment.

The Disciplinary Tribunal ordered that the doctor (when they return to practice) is not permitted in a sole practice and is prohibited from prescribing controlled drugs.  They will also be required to be under ongoing clinical supervision and to maintain their psychiatric treatment.  They will also be undergoing regular drug testing.  They will also be banned from taking alcohol or mood altering drugs except that prescribed by their medical practitioner.

The doctor was supported in the rehabilitation by reports from those treating him that a return eventually to practice would be the best outcome for their health.  This will be achieved in a controlled environment to avoid risks to the doctor and the public.

Alan Knowsley

Medical Lawyer