The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has decided not to deregister a teacher convicted of driving while disqualified and possessing methamphetamine.  The Tribunal decided that a range of conditions were sufficient to protect the public and ensure no reoffending by the teacher.

The teacher must inform her employer and any prospective employers of the Tribunal’s decision and must remain compliant with all medical treatment while providing three monthly updates to the Teaching Council.   The teacher is also to develop a comprehensive health plan and be under one on one mentoring at her school.  She is not to work in any senior or management role for 12 months and is to undergo random drug testing for 18 months.

The Tribunal decided that these conditions were sufficient because at the time of the offending the teacher had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and the offending had occurred at a time when she was unwell with personal and work related stress.  Her condition is presently being well managed and her treatment providers considered that it would be in her best interest health wise to return to teaching.

Alan Knowsley

Education Lawyer