The Human Rights Review Tribunal has upheld a claim for unlawful discrimination following a claim by an employee that she was dismissed for being pregnant.

The Tribunal found that the dismissal was due to the employee’s pregnancy (which is prohibited by the Human Rights Act) and awarded her $1,700 lost wages and $25,000 compensation for humiliation and injury to her feelings.

Her dismissal while pregnant caused significant distress which impacted on her wellbeing and domestic relationship.

The Tribunal considered that the distress caused was in the mid-range and that an award of $25,000 was appropriate.

The Tribunal also ordered the business owners to undergo training on their obligations as employers under the Human Rights Act.


Footnote:  The employee was dismissed in September 2016 and it has taken 5½ years since then for her to receive a decision on her case having filed her claim in 2018.


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Alan Knowsley