After abruptly abandoning his worksite a worker has been ordered by the Employment Relations Authority to pay compensation to his employer for breaching the terms of his contract.

Leaving the worksite without an explanation and with the company vehicle, the worker gave no notice of his intention to resign. The employment agreement required one calendar month’s notice.

Without notice of the worker’s departure the company was inconvenienced by having to engage a contractor to complete work due at short notice. They attempted to reach out to the worker, providing the ERA evidence of texts and emails. However, the employee failed to respond to the employer’s attempts to contact him.

The worker was ordered to pay $3000 compensation to the employer for breaching the terms of his contract by not giving the required notice.

If there are issues at work it pays to try to resolve them by discussion. Communicating with your manager or supervisor to help with the issue not only puts on record the problems that you are dealing with, but gives the employer an opportunity to respond to them.  

Getting advice from a professional experienced in the area before making a decision, such as walking off the job, can help ensure you do not breach the terms of your employment agreement.

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