A group of owners in a unit titled complex were having major issues with the chairperson of their Body Corporate.  The chairperson was involved in the initial development of the complex and other owners had been too scared to nominate themselves for the chairperson role as they were intimidated by this person.

An owner contacted a lawyer to ask about the process for removing a chairperson, as a number of owners had decided they had had enough with the chairperson treating the Body Corporate like a dictatorship and failing to follow the legislation.

The way a chairperson of a Body Corporate can be removed is by ordinary resolution at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Body Corporate.  25% of owners need to call for an EGM with a motion to remove the chairperson.  That motion would also need to call for nominations for a new chairperson.

If you are a member of a Body Corporate who is concerned about your chairperson, it pays to be aware of your rights, and seek legal advice if you are unsure.

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Claire Tyler