Questions about relationship property?  Want to know whether the Property (Relationships) Act applies to your situation?

Family Lawyer David Tyree is holding a free seminar to discuss the basics of relationship property for de facto, married or civil union couples.

The goal is to give participants some basic knowledge about

  • When a relationship might come under the Property (Relationships) Act;
  • What it means if the Act does apply;
  • What qualifies as “relationship property” which might need to be divided equally after a separation;
  • How you can protect assets owned prior to a relationship; and
  • How do you try and sort out who gets what in the event of a separation.

There will also be an open forum to answer any questions you might have on relationship property matters.

Bring any questions or issues you have regarding relationship property if you want to know more.

When:                  Thursday 27 July 2017
Time:                   12.15 pm - 1.15 pm
Where:                Level 19, PWC Tower, 113-119 The Terrace, Wellington