What is it that separates an average hui from an outstanding hui? A hui can fail for many reasons including insufficient time, an unsatisfactory venue or lack of a well designed agenda.However, a chairperson with the right skills can overcome these obstacles without too much difficulty. Below we list some tips to keep in mind when chairing a hui:

  1. Be clear about the purpose for holding the hui. Don’t hui for hui sake.
  2. Prepare and distribute an agenda and any reports well in advance.
  3. Large volumes of papers tabled at the last minute should not be accepted.
  4. Ensure that discussions are courteous and harmonious.
  5. Don’t allow the hui to get sidetracked by irrelevant matters.
  6. Ensure adequate time is set aside to deal with the issues set out in the agenda.
  7. Ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak. This may mean that you have to stop people from dominating the discussion.
  8. Provide a summary of key points, decisions reached and any action to be undertaken.
  9. Ensure that accurate minutes of the meeting are taken.
  10. Have fun. Where possible try and make attendance at hui an enjoyable experience.