The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has ordered an early childhood teacher, who sold ecstasy to a fellow colleague at their workplace during school hours where children were present, to be censured and de-registered.

The teacher pleaded guilty in criminal proceedings but was discharged without conviction by the Court.

The Tribunal found that the teacher had committed a serious misconduct and noted that as drugs are strictly prohibited for students in schools, the public and the profession would expect this rule to also be applied to teachers.

The Tribunal took into account that the teacher’s competence, clean record and well respected status in the community. The Tribunal noted that this incident was out of character and arose in an unhappy working environment where the teacher felt pressured to supply the drug to her colleague. The Tribunal held that the teacher could apply for re-registration after an appropriate period of time as the incident was unlikely to reoccur in the future.


Alan Knowsley

Education Lawyer