A teacher has been convicted in the District Court for importing methamphetamine and has been sentenced to six months home detention with a series of conditions.

A package containing four bags of methamphetamine was intercepted by New Zealand Customs which led to the teacher’s home being searched. Three meth pipes and eight empty bags containing white powdery residue were found hidden within her chest of draws.

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal decided not to cancel the teacher’s registration as she was open and honest about her offending and had taken responsibility for it. The Tribunal noted that the offending had not taken place within her capacity as a teacher, and found no evidence to suggest that her drug use had impacted on her teaching.

The Tribunal considered that the teacher was unlikely to reoffend as she was getting help for her dependence issues. In light of her talent as a teacher, and the support she had from former colleagues and parents of the children she taught, the Tribunal considered that they could protect the public and uphold the standards of the profession by placing a series of conditions on her practicing certificate.

The Tribunal ordered that the teacher be censured and that the register be annotated to make note of her conviction and the Tribunal’s decision.

Alan Knowsley

Education Lawyer Wellington