When parents separate, it is important to look after the well being of the children and to establish and maintain a good working relationship. 

You can achieve the above by consulting with a specialist in this area and by developing responsible parenting plans.  Reaching agreement on care of the children is important, and agreements reached can be made into a Court order, which can be enforced.

Whatever plans are put in place need to reflect each child’s individual needs and also reflect the child’s best interests.  Teenagers’ needs differ substantially from the needs of younger children.

Parent’s work commitments, health issues and financial situations are all issues that need to be taken into account when working out the plan.

This plan will need to be reviewed and adjusted from time to time as the children get older, or the needs of various family members change.

Your family law specialist can also work with you on the preparation of an individualised Separation and Relationship Property Agreement to settle property issues.  Parties to a Separation and/or Relationship Property Agreements are required by law to obtain independent legal advice.  It may also be timely to review your Will to make sure it reflects your current wishes regarding your estate and guardianship issues regarding your children.