The recent 3rd reading of the Ngati Porou Settlement Bill is a major milestone for Ngati Porou who should be congratulated says Rainey Collins Chairman James Johnston.

Mr Johnston, who as the Lead Legal Counsel for the Ngati Porou Treaty Settlement Negotiations with the Crown was on hand with Dr Apirana Mahuika and other members of Ngati Porou to witness the historic occasion at Parliament.  According to Mr Johnston the long awaited bill, which will now become law, will see the settlement effected and allow Ngati Porou to move into its next chapter with confidence and a sound economic base.

Many of the newly elected Runanganui trustees were also on hand and now carry the responsibility of governance for Ngati Porou into the future.

The team work of the Ngati Porou negotiators and Te Haeata (the sub-committee formed to oversee the negotiations) was pivotal and special mention must be made of the outstanding leadership and courage shown by Ngati Porou Rangatira Dr Apirana Mahuika.

It was a great occasion said Mr Johnston but as the complex and difficult chapter of negotiations comes to an end the exciting future of development and growth begins.