Calculating holiday pay and leave can be difficult and it is very important to get it right.  An added complication is ANZAC day falling on a Saturday or Sunday which causes some confusion as it does not transfer to a Monday.  Here is a simple list of what you should do:

  • If a public holiday falls on a day an employee would normally work then they are entitled to a day’s paid leave (the hours they would normally work).
  • If the employee works for any part of that day, they are to be paid time and a half for the hours worked and given a day in lieu on full pay (the hours they would normally work).
  • Do not deduct any time off from their day in lieu for the hours paid for working on the holiday.
  • If staff do not normally work on a Sunday then they get no paid leave for ANZAC day if it falls on a Sunday nor a day off in lieu.  The same applies if it falls on a Saturday and they do not normally work Saturdays.
  • ANZAC day is 24 hours long and the Public Holiday does not end at 1pm when shops can open.