The Prime Minister took the opportunity to have breakfast with and address over 70 young professionals including those from Rainey Collins at the Wellington Young Professionals function on Wednesday 24 March. John Key spoke about how young professionals have a vital part to play in New Zealand’s future and the need to stop the brain drain overseas.  He also talked about how to encourage the return of New Zealanders to contribute to the New Zealand economy.  He then outlined the types of investment New Zealand needs to make in science and the use of the country’s mineral wealth.  He apologised for missing the last event when he had to go to Copenhagen for the climate change conference.

Seated with the Prime Minister were Rainey Collins partners James Johnston and Alan Knowsley as sponsors of Wellington Young Professionals.  Not one to let an opportunity slip by, Alan presented the Prime Minister with a Camp Quality tie.  Camp Quality is a charity for children living with cancer and is one of the charities heavily supported by Rainey Collins.