The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has charged a principal at a small rural school with serious misconduct. The principal developed a romantic relationship with one of the teachers at his school which resulted in the break-up of both their marriages. The Tribunal suspended him for three months and placed restrictions on his practicing certificate.

The principal has since applied to the Tribunal to have his name suppressed so as to prevent any adverse effects on his family and to protect the privacy of his children. Along with the five children from previous marriages the principal has since had a child with the teacher and hopes to keep the circumstances surrounding her birth a secret to prevent any emotional harm.

The Tribunal held that the mere assertion of adverse effects is not evidence or reason to depart from the default position of public hearings and the full publication of the Tribunal’s decisions. The Tribunal stated that the situation would be different if there were some unpleasant aspect to the case but noted that thousands of children are in a similar situation.


Alan Knowsley

Education Lawyer