Rainey Collins Chairman James Johnston attended the 13th Commonwealth Law Conference held recently in Melbourne.

The conference was entitled ‘Common Law, Common Good, Common Wealth’.

The focus of the conference was on the rule of law, human rights issues, confidence in our institutions and corporate cultures, the challenge of legal practice and how the profession worldwide can adapt to deal with the many issues facing society in the world in which we live.

“It was a great opportunity to hear from and discuss issues with some of the leaders in the law from throughout the commonwealth” said Mr Johnston.

Speakers at the conference included Cherie Booth QC (Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife), Mr Karpal Singh (Malaysian human rights lawyer who had previously represented Lorain and Aaron Cohen), Christopher Patten (former Governor of Hong Kong) our Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias and also Chief Justices from Canada, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, African nations and Australia.

“The opportunity to listen, learn, debate, compare notes and be at the cutting edge of the law was an opportunity that could not be missed,” said Mr Johnston.

The conference was moved to Melbourne as it was previously scheduled to be held in Zimbabwe. The recent civil unrest in Zimbabwe lead to the conference being moved to Australia.

Mr Johnston’s attendance at the Commonwealth Law Conference was part of the commitment by Rainey Collins to ensuring that its partners and staff are able to provide updated and cutting edge legal advice to Rainey Collins clients.

There are also a series of articles on the Rainey Collins website relating to the conference.