It is important to read and fully understand a document before you agree to the contents of it.  In many cases it is advisable to get legal advice to avoid possible future legal problems.

A grandmother recently found out she has unwittingly guaranteed the rental payments on her grandson’s flat.  The grandmother had signed a form she believed was a character reference for her teenage student grandson.  However, the document actually fact made her fully responsible as a tenant for the rent and good care of the premises.

The first step is to carefully read the whole document.  If there are pages of small print they are not there for your benefit so it is best to know what you are agreeing to before you sign.  If in doubt about what it all means then legal advice can be obtained for any type of document, from Employment Agreements to a contract for buying a motor vehicle.  The benefits of doing so are great, for the most part giving you peace of mind in knowing you will not be up against possible lengthy, expensive legal conflict over a matter you had no knowledge of.