An employer is under an obligation to protect staff from bullying and harassment or they risk potential personal grievances from employees who have suffered that type of behaviour in the workplace.

In one case an officer at a men’s prison took stress leave after being hounded by colleagues for reporting another guard for smuggling drugs.  The officer was put under considerable pressure ultimately resulting in him laying a complaint.

The officer got legal advice against the department he worked for and when he returned to work he was transferred to another prison.

The case highlights the importance of providing protection to staff from workplace bullying.  The employers’ failure to provide a safe workplace for the employee meant a lot of unnecessary time and costs involved in resolving the issue, resulting in the employee being transferred to a new site.

If the bullying had continued this matter would be a good example of unjustified disadvantage or constructive dismissal (if the employee had no option but to leave his place of employment).

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