Do you find yourself complaining that an employee is, “ Refusing to do what I’ve told him/her to do” … or worse … “telling me what he/she will not do”.  This has often been allowed to continue for far too long, and you, their employer, have lost control of the employee.

The employer has a fundamental right to give reasonable and lawful directions to an employee.  Failure to carry out those instructions can be grounds to dismiss.

Make it clear to employees that you expect compliance with instructions and that failure to do so will be taken seriously.
Recent cases have confirmed the right of the employer to give lawful and reasonable instructions and, once a proper process has been followed, to dismiss employees who fail to comply.  If you need assistance with this process then either see our Guides to the Disciplinary and Performance Processes in our downloads section or give Alan Knowsley a call for a relaxed confidential chat.