This year ANZAC Day falls on Saturday 25 April. For employee’s who do not normally work on a Saturday, the public holiday will be treated as having fallen on Monday 27 April.

If an employee is not required by their employment agreement to work on any part of the Monday, their employer must pay them at least their average daily wage. Alternatively, for employee’s who are required to work on the Monday, employers must pay them at least time and a half, and provide them with another day’s holiday.

Note that those employees who normally work on a Saturday, and do so, will be entitled to be paid at least time and a half and receive another day’s holiday for that day’s work.  For employees who work on both Saturday and Monday, only the Saturday will be treated as a holiday – there is no double-dipping!

It is important that employers abide by these rules or else they risk breaching their employee’s minimum employment rights.