The recently released “ANZ Privately-owned Business Barometer – Māori Business Key Insights 2014” (Te Tirohanga Whanui) (“Barometer”) contains some interesting insights into the Māori Business sector according to Rainey Collins Chairman James Johnston

The Barometer is a result of collaboration between New Zealand Māori Tourism, the Federation of Māori Authorities, Poutama Trust, Te Tumu Paeroa (The New Māori Trustee), and the ANZ. The report looked at survey responses provided by 172 Māori business participants with a combined annual turnover close to $1 billion.

A key finding of the Barometer is that 49 per cent of Māori business organisations are optimistic about the next 12 months, while an impressive 70 per cent are very optimistic about the next three years. The Barometer reports that many of those surveyed feel much of the hard work has been done in terms of settling grievances, and that destiny is now in their own hands. This is seeing a move to more active management of resources.

However, the Barometer reports that some participants feel that the hard work is still to come and that prospects for growth are high because the sector is coming off a low base.

The findings from the Barometer evidence three key areas that Māori businesses are focused on in order to build a sustainable growth platform. They are:

  1. Thinking strategically;
  2. Finding the right people; and
  3. Collaborating for scale and expertise.

Each of these themes is explored in the Key Insights 2014 Barometer document.

If you would like a copy of the Barometer, please email James Johnston by clicking here.