An employee has been dismissed after failing to perform her tasks, acting in a rude manner, and for shouting at her colleagues.

The employee took a personal grievance case to the Employment Relations Authority claiming that she had been unjustifiably dismissed by her employer.

The ERA held that there was no merit to her claims, and found that the employer’s decision to dismiss the employee was substantially and procedurally justified. The employee had refused to attend disciplinary meetings with management and therefore missed her opportunity to explain her conduct.

The employee appealed the ERA’s decision to the Employment Court.

The Court held that the employer acted as a fair and reasonable employer could in all of the circumstances by initiating disciplinary proceedings against the employee, and by deciding to terminate the employee.

The Court ordered the employee to pay $88,750 in costs and over $790 for disbursements.

The employee had conducted her case inefficiently, and had added significantly to the costs of the employer.

This case serves as a timely reminder that employees should not unjustifiably file personal grievance claims without sufficient grounds as you may face exceptionally high costs as in this case, if you are found to be time-wasting by the Court.