The New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has censured a teacher and put in place conditions to ensure the safety of children in the teacher’s care as well as the teacher’s own health and wellbeing.

The teacher was charged with acting aggressively towards children, speaking inappropriately to them and assaulting a child.  The teacher was also charged in relation to seeking emotional support from parents.  Each of these matters was found to be proven and to amount to serious misconduct.

The Disciplinary Tribunal has allowed the teacher to continue teaching on condition that they have a mentor who regularly reports to the Education Council and that the teacher’s health practitioner is to also report regularly to the Education Council.  If the teacher changes health practitioners that health practitioner must be approved by the Education Council Manager of Teacher Practice.

Reports from the mentor must specifically address aspects of the teacher’s practice and any instances of aggressive behaviour towards children must be reported immediately.  The Manager of Teacher Practice may require the teacher to cease work immediately if they consider the teacher is unable to teach safely.  Any new employer must be advised of the decision of the Disciplinary Tribunal.  These conditions remain in place for three years.

Alan Knowsley
Education Lawyer