A teacher has had conditions imposed by the Disciplinary Tribunal after a finding of serious misconduct following an inappropriate relationship between a female teacher and a female student.

The relationship started out on the basis of the teacher providing support to the student but unfortunately the teacher crossed professional boundaries by allowing the student to sleep in her room on a school camp and by the teacher herself relying on the student for support for her own mental health issues.

The teacher had voluntarily given up teaching but the Tribunal ordered that if she resumes teaching she is to provide a copy of the Tribunal’s findings to any potential employer and continue to attend medical appointments and counselling as recommended by her doctors.  She is required to consent to the provision of medical reports to the Teaching Council and her employer from her doctors.  Any electronic contact with students and any contact in person is to only take place when it is able to be monitored by the teacher’s mentor.  She is also to meet with a mentor at least once a month and the mentor is to provide regular reports to the Teaching Council.

Alan Knowsley

Education Lawyer