Rainey Collins lawyer Louisa Gommans has written a chapter on Art Crime Law in the newly published book Art Crime and its Prevention. 

Art Crime and Its Prevention is the definitive handbook on art crime written by a range of international experts for art-world professionals of all kinds – from the museum, auction house or art-insurance employee to the contemporary gallerist, dealer, art-market student or collector.  

Louisa is a commercial lawyer at Rainey Collins, with a specialty interest in arts law.  Her Art Crime Law chapter deals with the risks and potential pitfalls of investing in art in today’s market without conducting thorough due diligence first.  It considers the value of establishing an artwork’s authenticity and the methods available to do so, including forensic analysis, expert opinions and provenance research.  It also addresses some of the practicalities of trying to avoid buying forged or looted art, and what to do if you find yourself in a situation of having done so. 

More details about the book can be found on the website of the publisher Lund Humphries here.  It will be available for purchase in New Zealand later this year.