A principal disabled the school’s internet content filtering system in order to access pornography sites on the school’s computers. In doing so, the principal exposed the schools system and its users to potentially inappropriate content. The principal has since resigned from the school.

The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal found that the principal had engaged in serious misconduct but felt that the principal did not present an ongoing threat to children or the public.

The Tribunal noted that the principal was labouring under serious physiological difficulties at the time, and that his behaviour was out of character.

The Tribunal acknowledged that the material viewed was not unlawful, and that the majority of it had been viewed outside of school hours. The Tribunal also noted that the principal was living on school premises and did not have private internet access.

The Tribunal gave credit to the principal for accepting responsibility for his actions and for deciding to get assistance for his physiological illness.

The Tribunal censured the principal and placed a series of conditions on his practising certificate which require him to be supervised for a period of 18 months.