The Disciplinary Tribunal has decided it did not need to deregister a teacher who hit a child in a class with an exercise book.  The child had used the exercise book to hit another child in the class and the teacher used the book to hit the child.  She then realised what she had done and apologised to the child in front of the class.  The Tribunal found that the behaviour amounted to serious misconduct but that the teacher’s previous clean record, acknowledgement of wrong doing and willingness to attend an appropriate remedial course meant that it could be satisfied on the safety of students without the need for deregistration.

The Tribunal censured the teacher and imposed conditions including that she have a mentor who provides quarterly reports to the Council and completes an appropriate classroom management skills or anger management course and is required to show a copy of the Tribunal’s decision to her current employer and any future employer for two years.

Alan Knowsley

Education Lawyer